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9 reasons for APM demand (part 5)

09.05.2014537 просм.

Quick bullets:

  • Mobile applications and users force IT to keep close eye on performance and response time
  • High load on modern networks put heavy strain on the ability to maintain acceptable levels of performance and availability for services and applications


There is more demand for application performance monitoring and management systems (APM) solutions today than ever before. Quick technology changes, growing applications complexity and dependencies lead to services degradation. And business isn’t interested in excuses, it needs the results.

This is the last of our posts covering main reasons why APM tools are more important than ever. We also give the recommendations as to how to keep pace with all those rapid changes.

The number of customers using mobile devices growth every day, and to satisfy them IT has to have end-to-end visibility of application performance. And the data to give back to developers for performance optimization. And they have plenty of options – more and more specialized APM solutions emerge on the market.

New network technologies, high adoption rate of mobile devices, online services mean heavy strain on networks in terms of both bandwidth and performance. And that means possible degradation of applications and services, which is unacceptable. Dedicated solutions that can react in real time on emerging issues are the key of maintaining acceptable levels of service.

For the whole story read our post (in Russian).

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