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The consequences of skipping lessons learned

Quick bullets: Interruption of services of a major bank is a disaster for the clients and partners Learning about incident from customers is bad for reputation Modern APM tools allow proactive approach, end-user experience monitoring and prom...

End-user experience monitoring

Quick bullets: Analysis of downtime direct losses, supported by survey and analytics data Losses hidden in unstable services uptime End-user experience, business transactions and detailed business process monitoring help to detect and remedy ...

DevOps Wiki is the unique online glossary in Russian language. It consists of a variety of up-to-date IT terms. With the help of DevOps Wiki you will get in-depth knowledge in the areas such as:


  • Application Performance Management (APM)
  • DevOps (Development + Operations)
  • Performance testing
  • Cloud computing


27 February

19th IT-talk in St. Petersburg

Russia, St. Petersburg, BC "Telecom-SPb"

You reached our site, DEVOPS and APM hub, that is created as a place to get up-to-date information and know-how, share ideas and seek advice from your peers on some of the most important subjects in IT service management and operations.


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