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Ten Reasons to Love Visual Studio 2012

02.11.2012625 просм.

On October 16, 2012, Andrew Clear, ALM specialist in Northwest Cadence, wrote a post in his blog about ten benefits of Visual Studio 2012.

He used to work in Visual Studio 10 and then he realized how much more functional 2012 is. The robust use of multi-threading makes it feel more responsive. Local workspaces are a dream come true. Web Access makes managing work items and administering team projects simple (well simpler). So he decided to share ten of his favorite features in the Visual Studio 2012 ALM Solution.

10: Quick launch

9: My Work

8: Browser specific debugging

7: The Fakes Framework

6: Storyboarding

5: Web Access

4: Feedback Client

3: Fully integrated Code Reviews

2: Local Workspaces

1: End-to-End Application Lifecycle Management

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