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SANsymphony-V: Compatibility

30.11.2012390 просм.

SANsymphony-V is a multifunctional and compatible software.

Storage manufacturers supported

All of the popular disk manufacturers are supported. These include:

  • Dell
  • EMC
  • Fujitsu
  • Fusion-IO
  • Hitachi Data Systems (HDS)
  • HP
  • IBM
  • LSI
  • NetApp
  • Oracle (Sun)
  • Promise
  • Seagate
  • Texas Memory Systems
  • Violin Memory
  • X-IO

Host operating systems supported:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, 2003 and 2000
  • Microsoft Windows 7 and XP
  • Apple MacOS X
  • UnixHP-UX
  • Sun Solaris
  • RedHat Linux
  • SUSE Linux

Server hypervisors supported:

  • VMware ESX, vSphere
  • Microsoft Hyper-V onWindows Server 2008 R2
  • Citrix XenServer

Systems management:

  • Microsoft System Center
  • VMware vCenter
  • Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer

Disk packaging supported:

  • Internal disk drives
  • External JBODs
  • External storage systems
  • Disk interfaces supported
  • Direct-attached and SAN-based connections
  • SAS
  • SATA
  • iSCSI
  • Fibre Channel
  • Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) via CNA switches
  • SCSI
  • IDE

Media supported:

  • Flash
  • Standard Magnetic Rotating Disk Drives (HDDs)
  • Solid State Disks (SSDs) and Flash Cards

Network compatibility:

  • Synchronous mirroring between nodes over iSCSI and Fibre Channel connections
  • Asynchronous remote replication over IP LANs, MANs and WANs
  • Inter-node management interface over IP LAN
  • Remote console access using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and other standard remote desktop access protocols supported on Windows Server

Maximize value from your storage investments

As you can see, the SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor makes storage largely interchangeable. It reconciles disparities between different models of hardware devices, enabling you to choose across the full range of purposebuilt products from your favorite manufacturers and later add attractive new technologies, unconcerned with backward compatibility. Furthermore, the skills you acquire to manage today’s gear are the same ones you’ll use to administer next year’s lineup. This novel, yet transparent virtualization software brings unmatched flexibility and cost reductions in system design, procurement and ongoing operations. In so many ways, DataCore maximizes the performance and value you derive from your strategic and tactical storage investments.

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