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End-user experience monitoring

13.05.2014615 просм.

Quick bullets:

  • Analysis of downtime direct losses, supported by survey and analytics data
  • Losses hidden in unstable services uptime
  • End-user experience, business transactions and detailed business process monitoring help to detect and remedy hidden uptime issues


Online businesses depend on user experience. Satisfied users will keep using services, return later and recommend them to their friends and in social networks. While negative experience will lead to cancelled orders, customers choosing the rival services and writing bad reviews.

Effective end-user experience management requires right tools for transactions monitoring and performance management. There are different End-User Experience Monitoring (UEM) technologies, with their own strengths and weaknesses. They can help to answer certain questions and watch particular areas, but do not give full picture of service health and performance and whether customers are satisfied.

Therefore comprehensive EUM solutions are needed, that correlate events and metrics. They give transparent view on applications and services health to IT and business, allow proactive approach. And if you do have problems, these tools help to see business impact and prioritize the actions accordingly, quickly find and eliminate the roots and sources of the problems.

For the full story read our article(in russian).

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