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04.02.20132303 просм.

LoadRunner and Performance Center products can be configured to work together with SiteScope—the industry leading monitoring solution that can run as a standalone product or as a monitoring module for a variety of HP products such as Business Availability Center and the load testing solutions we mentioned above.

SiteScope is an agentless monitoring solution designed to ensure the availability and performance of distributed IT infrastructure, for example, servers, operating systems, network devices, applications, and application components. This Web-based infrastructure monitoring solution is lightweight, highly customizable, and does not require data collection agents to be installed on your production systems. With SiteScope, you gain the real-time information you need to verify infrastructure operations, stay apprised of problems, and solve bottlenecks before they become critical.

SiteScope also includes templates that enable development of standardized monitoring organization and speeding up of
monitor deployment,. SiteScope also includes alert types that you can use to communicate and record event information in a variety of media. You can customize alert templates to meet the needs of your organization. While native monitoring in Performance Center may cover most of an organization’s average needs, it is SiteScope, with its vast collection of monitors along with pre-packaged templates, that is built to answer all possible monitoring requirements. Whether operating system measurements or application server metrics, various UNIX flavors or files inspectors—SiteScope has them all. SiteScope was pioneered as the industry’s first agentless monitoring solution. SiteScope users have benefited from its industry-proven, agentless monitoring architecture. Unlike agent based monitoring approaches

SiteScope reduces total cost of ownership by:

  • Gathering detailed performance data for infrastructure components
  • Reducing the time and cost of maintenance by consolidating all
  • monitoring components to a central server
  • Eliminating the possibility of an unstable agent affecting system
  • performance


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