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HP Diagnostics

04.02.2013591 просм.

HP Diagnostics isolates application performance problems and reduces the mean time to resolution (MTTR) of your application’s performance bottlenecks. It provides actionable information to resolve performance

HP Diagnostics extends LoadRunner and Performance Center to address the unique challenges of testing complicated J2EE, .NET, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications across the application lifecycle.

HP Diagnostics enables you to:

  • Find and solve more problems earlier in the lifecycle
  • Achieve higher quality by finding the most common application problems before applications go live
  • Collect concrete data to support a decision to go live with an application
  • Manage and monitor applications after they have gone live with rolebased visibility to solve problems quickly

During a performance test, HP Diagnostics traces J2EE, .NET, ERP, and CRM business processes from the client side across all tiers of the infrastructure. The modules then break down each transaction response time into time spent in the various tiers and within individual components.

You gain:

  • An intuitive, easy-to-use view of how individual tiers, components, memory, and SQL statements impact overall performance of a business process under load conditions. During or after a load test, you can inform the application team that the application is not scaling and provide actionable data to them.
  • The ability to triage and find problems effectively with business context, enabling teams to focus on problems impacting business processes.
  • The ability to more easily find components relevant to a specific business process under test. Because J2EE, ERP, and CRM applications potentially use thousands of components, this can be a challenge. HP Diagnostics software automatically detects which components are “active” when a given transaction is executed, and collects data on them for analysis. Components untouched by the business process are filtered out, letting you focus on getting the job done, rather than configuring the system.



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