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Unstable services uptime is more dangerous than downtime

29.04.2014400 просм.

Quick bullets:

  • Analysis of downtime direct losses, supported by survey and analytics data
  • Losses hidden in unstable services uptime
  • End-user experience, business transactions and detailed business process monitoring help to detect and remedy hidden uptime issues


Cost of downtime is one of the things that attracts attention of IT and management. It isn’t surprising, since it is visible, hurts the companies, and grows every year. The main reason is increasing dependence of business operations and decision making from IT services.

But uptime of IT systems and services also has performance degradation spikes, though the statistics is not readily available. Only organizations with advanced APM solutions can detect and and gather data on such services degradation. At the same time, analysis of data from known cases hint that total loses from unstable services uptime are higher, than those from downtime.

There are known advanced APM technologies and features that help to detect and remedy hidden uptime problems.

For more information read our article (in russian).

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