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9 reasons for APM demand (part 4)

09.05.20141380 просм.

Quick bullets:

  • Clouds add new challenges for IT and right tools are needed to overcome them
  • Virtualization without monitoring and management means degradation of business services


There is more demand for application performance monitoring and management systems (APM) solutions today than ever before. Quick technology changes, growing applications complexity and dependencies lead to services degradation. And business isn’t interested in excuses, it needs the results.

This is the fourth out of five posts covering main reasons why APM tools are more important than ever. We also give the recommendations as to how to keep pace with all those rapid changes.

Clouds are no longer a hype but a reality for many organizations. There are many different types of clouds, they brings new, sometimes unique challenges for IT departments, and older monitoring tools are not that useful – they lack visibility and do not give full picture of processes and services health and performance. Modern solutions are needed to meet those new challenges.

And we also have virtualization – which isn’t something new, and is everywhere today. Modern virtual infrastructure is complex thing, that relies on many components and requires proper capacity management. Without monitoring and management things can (and most often will) degrade with time, damaging performance and availability of applications and services.

For the whole story read our post (in Russian).

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