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9 reasons for APM demand (part 3)

09.05.2014463 просм.

Quick bullets:

  • Reduced IT budgets and resources together with growing demand for business and IT services support demand optimization and automation
  • Rapidly expanding and changing applications distributed across scattered infrastucture require visibility and centralized monitoring and management


There is more demand for application performance monitoring and management systems (APM) solutions today than ever before. Quick technology changes, growing applications complexity and dependencies lead to services degradation. And business isn’t interested in excuses, it needs the results.

This is the third out of five posts covering main reasons why APM tools are more important than ever. We also give the recommendations as to how to keep pace with all those rapid changes.

Demand and importance for business and IT services support and optimal performance it increasing all the time, but there is also a trend of reducing budgets and resources. That means increased workload with fewer resources, and this is where automation, optimisation and centralization come in. Smart APM tools help to be able to support business and be proactive while their ROI measured in months or even weeks.

IT has to support more and more applications. Moreover, those applications are often distributed across the scattered infrastructure and depend on other applications and components. Add clouds, virtualisation, decentralisation – and this is a mix that is not transparent, hard to manage and find out root causes of problems. You need right tools for managing all this.

For the whole story read our post (in Russian).

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