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9 reasons for APM demand (part 1)

08.05.2014437 просм.

Quick bullets:

  • Statistical and survey data show that recent trend of constantly changing technologies, applications and environments leads to services degradation
  • End user experience and satisfaction is what is driving business today


There is more demand for application performance monitoring and management systems (APM) solutions today than ever before. Quick technology changes, growing applications complexity and dependencies lead to services degradation. And business isn’t interested in excuses, it needs the results.

This is the first out of five posts covering main reasons why APM tools are more important than ever. We also give the recommendations as to how to keep pace with all those rapid changes.

With all the recent innovations we’ve entered the age of customers. End user experience and satisfaction is what is driving business today, what companies are fighting for. Forrester Research even announced “20 year business cycle in which the most successful enterprises will reinvent themselves to systematically understand and serve increasingly powerful customers.”

And to win this fight organizations need the right end-user experience monitoring tools.

For the whole story read our post (in Russian).

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